Title:  Engineer (Resort)

Job Requisition ID:  1199

Job Responsibilities


  1. Responsible for project implementation, installation and commissioning of RWS’ surveillance systems.
  2. Provide on-site testing and troubleshooting.
  3. Perform both preventive and corrective maintenance.
  4. Maintain spares and perform other workshop activities.
  5. Ensure camera installations and relocations are conducted in a timely manner to ensure that the demands of the Casino Department are met as per the approved surveillance plans.
  6. Ensure RWS’ surveillance systems are monitored and maintained in a good and compliant condition to ensure zero downtime.
  7. Abide by the Surveillance policies and procedures.
  8. Strictly adhere to the Department’s Code of Ethics and Confidentiality, and conduct duties in a professional, responsible and compliant manner at all times.

Job Requirements

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