Title:  Senior Manager, Resort Security

Job Requisition ID:  1225

Job Responsibilities

  1. Ensure all security related events (internal & external) held within RWS are well coordinated with the other Business Units according to approved procedures and / or plans.
  2. Oversee, Coordinate and facilitate security related exercises and review incident and / or emergency / crisis situation according to approved procedures and / or the plans.
  3. Coordinate and Work closely with the Business Units and Authorities and promptly resolve all operational issues for security related events (internal & external) held within RWS according to approved procedures and /or plans.
  4. Preparation and Presentation of all operations plans and instructions are submitted and approved by Security management prior to any major events held within RWS.
  5. Manage the security training framework and processes in meeting WSQ (WDA) standards in the security industry and review / update SOP regularly.
  6. Develop and maintaining all training materials/records in accordance with approved procedures and processes.
  7. Conduct mandatory training on Prevention of Money Laundering (PML) and Responsible Gambling (RG) training and assessment is conducted for all security team members.
  8. Develop, coordinate and facilitate all training matters/records related to Security Department, including all internal and external courses required for security team members.
  9. Implement a compliance framework and processes on security operations.

Job Requirements


  • Meet GRA's statutory requirement of min 21 years of age
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in corporate security governance, risk, and compliance management.
  • Ability to manage tight deadlines, high volumes and highly dynamic environment
  • Demonstrate leadership and management on security related issues and incidents within the organization and collaborating with key stakeholders
  • Familiar with regulatory requirements and security policies.
  • Well-developed written and oral communication skills. Able to communicate clearly and sensitively with internal and external stakeholders.